New Sales Gas Custody Transfer Metering Station Project at NGDC


The client, Natural Gas Distribution Company (NGDC) based in Riyadh 2nd Industrial City is currently distributing natural gas (sales gas) as fuel for its customers – the various plants and factories operating in the industrial city in Riyadh. Since the industrial city is expanding, with new plants established and expansion of existing plants, this new Project under BI-21-00079, will provide much needed increased capacity of sales gas fuel to more than double its current capacity of 40 MMSCFD. Saudi ARAMCO, the supplier of the sales gas, will provide new allocation of 45 MMSCFD (based on 1080 BTU/SCF), and the new Project is designed to 100 MMSCFD of gas capacity.

The new medium size Sales Gas Metering facility, designed to Saudi ARAMCO standard, is installed side-by-side with the existing metering station, which this existing will be demolished after the new system become operational. The NGDC main pipeline isolation valves is to be controlled and monitored remotely via SCADA at NGDC control room. The new flow metering system shall have connectivity and interfacing with OSPAS-OCC in Dhahran through the communication link with existing RTU-667 and Riyadh communication network facilities. The facility is considered vital, hence new HCIS Class-III fencing and security system will be provided.


The facilities installed include:

  • New 16-inch Class 600 gas pipeline tie-in to existing Saudi Aramco supply header
  • Medium Size Custody Transfer Medium Gas Metering System
  • Communication System – new metering supervisory computer with HMI, a package for configuration and diagnosis of UFM, printer and modem, including interface and connectivity with OSPAS thru communication back bone systems including DACS & OTN
  • Pressure Reducing Station
  • Filtration system
  • Temporary bypass to be isolated once the metering system is operational
  • HCIS compliance fencing (Class III)
  • Instrumentation & Metering Control System
  • Fire Protection System – including Gas Detection System
  • Electrical A/C Power and UPS
  • Security System and Surveillance
  • Cathodic Protection System

Engineering Services provided include:

  • DBSP (Design Basis Scoping Paper) Package
  • Detailed Design Package – all discipline
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Hydraulic and Surge Analysis
  • Risk Assessment Study
  • Material Requisition Packages
  • TBEs/NMR reviews
  • FSD for Metering System
  • HAZOP & SIL Study & Workshop
  • As-built
  • Project record books
  • Construction Bid technical evaluation
  • Construction support


Client: NGDC
Location: 2nd Industrial City, Riyadh
Project Type: Sales Gas Custody Metering & Piping System
Year Completed: Ongoing
Service Category: Industrial - Oil & Gas
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